About Us

For so long now we’ve been inundated with mixed messages about what’s happening to our planet. Whether it’s global warming & greenhouse gases, to water & air pollution the experts have been sending us so many diverse articles and research that everyone would have to be confused.

We at the Everything Green Market have been fighting the good fight for so long, that even now it’s almost hard to grasp the realities of how far we’ve come in finally getting the truth out about the damage the human population has been doing to our planet. However, that’s when we realized that the new reality is just like the old clichés of “beware of what you wish for, because you just might get it” and “the truth shall set you free”. That’s the unique situation we’re facing now, and now that the world knows we have a problem, what are we going to do about it?

Welcome to EverythingGreenMarket.com! Right now, we are just a little cog in the machine hoping to make a big difference in what becomes part of the solutions to fix our global problem; building a better and more efficient way of living our lives with a purpose. The purpose of the Everything Green Market is to assist the many local and homegrown farmers, growers, Green manufacturers, and Green service providers in promoting and marketing Green products and innovations to the general public, while educating the masses about the wide variety of product solutions available.

Our business model is to enlist all of our clients and partners into becoming both successful businesses, and to becoming advocates for educating and stimulating our economy with greater sales of their unique and pioneering products. This simple goal will help bring better returns for our clients through sales volume, which can be passed on back to the consumer so we can generate even more sales because the products can be sold less expensively.

Everything Green Market hopes to devote portions of whatever we receive in revenue and put it back into the network for grants and loans to those inventors and people who’ve found solutions we may not even understand, but need the capital to keep their projects alive. It’s all hands on deck right now, and we need everyone who has even thought about green product alternatives to help us continue to pursue our legislators, governments, and other individuals to seek out new solutions, and help those products get the attention and sales they deserve.

The Everything Green Market is just the beginning of a World-Wide Revolution to educate, develop, and promote the products and services necessary to sustain our limited resources, and creatively design & collaborate together new solutions as “One Planet” that serves all mankind. While we all wish for a perfect World of environmental responsibility, and peace and prosperity for all, just like this website, it will be a constantly evolving & learning process.

So, that’s what we’re all about, and we hope it meets with your approval. Join us, and help us make the kind of difference we know we’ve all been called to be doing. In paraphrase, Margaret Meade once said, “Make no mistake that a small group of committed men can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. (That was years before all genders historically became activists, but no matter what your gender is, consider yourself called to this challenge.) It’s up to all of us to make this work; there really is no other alternative, so check out the Everything Green Market and stay in touch with your planet.