Green Holistic Health

With health cost going through the roof and the cure is sometimes intimidating and costly, holistic health is a pleasant alternative, or a combination holistic treatment. Please feel free to enter your views and your experience for others to benefit from enjoy. Our Green Holistic Health Advisor will be participating where needed. Let introduce:

  Dr Fred                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dr. Fred Bisci has a PhD in Nutritional Science and has run an active, pioneering practice in NewYork City for over forty years. Dr. Bisci has helped over 35,000 people all over the world with numerous health issues. He does this by guiding them into a change of eating and drinking lifestyles using the Real Fresh Food Approach. His outlook is unique, not from a dietary or nutritional standpoint but from a biochemical appreciation of how the multiple variables in the human body directly relate to the attention that is paid to what we leave out of our lifestyle, followed by what we put in.

 Dr. Bisci’s clinical experience and knowledge has repeatedly demonstrated that making a commitment to lifestyle changes is the key to optimal health. Dr. Bisci has also found that there is a correlation between the long-term effects of an un­processed diet and the slowing down of the aging process. His approach involves food combinations of fresh vegetables and fruits, along with cooked meals. It is based on the principle that the body is self-healing. When we exclude foodstuffs that burdens our lifestyle from our diet and substitute Real, Fresh Foods, we release our body’s Remedial-Capabilities to always seek health.

 Dr. Bisci was born in 1929. He has completed eighteen marathons and two ultra-thons. He was formerly an Olympic-style weightlifter and still leads an athletic life. Dr. Bisci has worked with many amateur and professional weightlifters, boxers, basketball players, marathon runners, tri-athletes, wrestlers, and actors.