Green Pets

Environmentally Friendly Products & Solutions Designed for Pets

Although our pets can’t speak for themselves, even they are smart enough to know we need to start changing our lifestyles to help sustain our planet. Their love for us is undying, so the least you can do is help your animals eat right, and protect them by purchasing these environmentally friendly products and solutions designed specifically for pets and animals of all kinds. Good Boy! Good Girl!

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Green Pets Foods & Products

Bravo Raw Diet
(866) 922-9222
Pet Food and Care: Manufacturer.

American Natural Soy
(712) 225-3500
Agricultural Processor, Ingredient Supplier, Personal Care: Ingredient Supplier.

Aubrey Organics, Inc.
(813) 877-4186
Manufacturer, Personal Care: Manufacturer, Pet Food and Care: Manufacturer.

Aunt Jeni's Home Made
(301) 702-0123
Pet Food and Care: Manufacturer.

Vetscience was created by people with a passion for innovation and advanced nutrition with a primary focus on natural and harvest fresh ingredients. We believe deeply in proven efficacy, a commitment to research and animal health, and actively support major university studies, which have included significant breakthroughs in companion animal obesity and satiety research.

Pet Care Systems, Inc
Natural Wheat Litter

Personal Pet Care

Point Pleasant Bath and Body Shop
(732) 202-5669
Personal Care: Retailer.

(520) 792-0804
Personal Care: Retailer, Pet Food and Care, Retailer,Retailer

Coconut Clean
(407) 877-0778
Welcome to Coconut Cleanʻs Canine Collection! Introducing an organic line of products for dogs with the same superior quality as our human products. Initially tested on human family & friends, then shared with our canine friends for final approval. Celebrate the entire Coconut Clean collection with your best friend and see how much healthier & happier you will both be!

Earth Friendly Products
Pet Products: Family owned and operated since 1967, we are a team of mothers, fathers, chemists, visionaries and pioneers who passionately uphold the idea that everyone should have access to delightful, affordable cleaning products.

Green Earth Market
(800) 781-8837
Personal Care: Retailer, Pet Food and Care: Retailer.

Jackson Sage
(804) 306-3726
Personal Care: Retailer

Redd Remedies
Redd Remedies is the culmination of years of work, research, and an uncompromising desire to offer the best products to our customers – but what does it really mean to offer “the best”? We have all heard those words before, likely a few too many times. Our experience is that the best results are achieved when we integrate a balanced approach which focuses on our desired outcomes and includes natural medicine from all modalities.

Whiner & Diner Eco-Chic Pet Accessories
(203) 329-8878
Unique Pet Products for the sophisticated Pet and Wine lovers: Elevated pet feeders, dog and cat toy boxes, small pet beds and dog breed leash holders. All Whiner and Diner pet accessories are uniquely handcrafted from authentic, reclaimed wooden wine crates. You will love the craftsmanship and attention to detail!


Western Alfalfa Milling Co., Ltd.
(306) 594-2362
Farm Supplies.

Village Botanica, Inc.
(713) 254-1671
Grower/Farmer, Pet Food and Care: Manufacturer.